DVD Fingernail Airbrushing – Start to finish (english)

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Fingernail Airbrushing Start to Finish (from Badger Air-Brush Co.)
Run Time: 60 minutes

Segment one introduces viewers to the airbrush and provides basic information regarding maintenance and information about various paints, tools and accessories that are available to make airbrushing easier.

Segment two introduces viewers to nail art related airbrush materials and techniques, including varying spray patterns and color gradation the airbrush can be used to create. It also instructs on using the airbrush to do a fast, easy and everpopular French manicure.

Segment three demonstrates how colors and stencils can be used more effectively and efficiently with airbrushing. The instructor takes viewers through several step by step multiple color and stencil nail airt designs, including an elegant French Chevron.